Welcome to MCC Haiti.

Who We Are

This is a blog about what I'm doing in Philly.

Philly is a great place to be.  Its major deficit is that it’s so far from California (big negative, when you're from California!), but this is where Ted and I found ourselves three years ago, in a time of natural transition in life and as a result of much prayer and conversation.

On an autumn walk in Philly
Ted started at Drexel Law while I worked at UPenn.  He has known since undergrad that he wanted to attend law school, though my studies in history and religious studies had me on a more undefined path.  After year one, we married and moved to a new neighborhood, closer to the church we had started attending and the ministry opportunities represented there.  I started an accelerated master’s program in international development at Eastern University. Just six months after I finished, Ted got his JD!

So, here we are! We are now members of our church, Ted is commencing work as a lawyer right in our neighborhood, and God has been so faithful in providing us a place to be, with friends and beautiful spots nearby.

We enjoy being here, growing from both the ups and downs of life and living in a new city.

As we move into our fourth year, thank you for being invested; thank you for caring for us and for even wanting to know what’s going on!

Dinners, Part 2

What a joy