Welcome to MCC Haiti.


Ted and Katharine Oswald (Photo: Hope Photographie)

We live in Haiti and work for Mennonite Central Committee, an international relief, development, and peace-building organization. MCC has a presence in over 40 countries worldwide. It has worked in Haiti, implementing projects alongside community groups and local civil society organizations for over 50 years.

We currently live and serve with MCC in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital city and one of the largest in the Caribbean. Together, we share the position of Policy Analyst and Advocacy Coordinator.

What does this mean?

We partner with Haitian human rights groups to promote more just policies in certain target areas. The policy areas we currently work on are:
Housing. The right to dignified housing for all Haitians. Learn more at our site www.haitihousingdc.org
Mining. Monitoring plans for mining in the north of Haiti and advocating for transparency and community involvement. Learn more at haitimining.weebly.com 
MINUSTAH & cholera justice. Collaborating with organizations seeking to call the UN to account for their responsibility in starting Haiti's cholera epidemic in 2010, which has since killed 9,000+ Haitians and infected 800,000. See www.facejustice.org 
Aid transparency. Pushing for greater transparency and efficacy in bilateral, international aid to Haiti.
Justice system. Working to form a network of Haitian Christian attorneys and judges to provide legal services and advocate for reform within the criminal justice system.

On this blog, we share from time to time about MCC Haiti's policy work, as well as insights and stories from our day-to-day life.

To track with MCC Haiti's policy and advocacy work, you can 'Like' us on Facebook or find us on Twitter @MCCHtAdvocacy

To reach us by e-mail, send a note to: haitiadvocacy@mcc.org

To learn more about Ted's mystery novel that is set in Haiti, visit Because We Are: A Novel of Haiti


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