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'Merry Christmas' in Photos

Did you know that Christmas is not yet over? January 6 marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas. For that reason,  I will share some photos that capture memories from this season for us - both in Haiti and in San Diego. We hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

Christmas in San Diego

Beach walk with my sister and the family

The whole Daulton family was together for Christmas. Stephanie and Steve flew in on Christmas Eve from Texas and Chicago, where Steve is in medical school. It had been 4 years!

Two days after Christmas, we got to see the Oswalds! Ted's parents flew in from India. PJ, Erica, and our niece and nephew drove down from Sacramento. It was a true reunion, after one year of being apart.

Doughnut time at Leucadia Donuts :)

Little nephew Liam covered in crumbs

The three of us paused for a moment of Rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer storytelling

The Oswalds!

Photo compliments of PJ

California Instagram

The beach views of San Diego and the 'wild west' environs of Apple Valley / San Bernadino County with Ted's aunt Becky and uncle Don. The bottom right picture is of Lee Ann and niece Kali at "Calico Ghost Town."

And finally... the Daulton gals on Christmas Eve.

Christmas in Haiti


Co-worker Kristin brought the fun with some afternoon Christmas decorating in December

Haitian angels and pine cone centerpieces at Quartier Latin; quite festive!

Warm drinks and Christmas ornaments on our Haiti 'tree' made the season seem bright

And who could forget the supermarket? The most decked-out spot in Port-au-Prince!

January 12th: five years after Haiti's earthquake

'Just Mercy' by Stevenson