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'Just Mercy' by Stevenson

I would like everyone to read this book. Please, please!

I first heard Bryan Stevenson speak at the Justice Conference in 2014. If you would like to get an idea of what Just Mercy is about, watch his presentation here:

Bryan Stevenson from The Justice Conference on Vimeo.

Stevenson is a capital defense attorney, based primarily in Alabama, who has over 25 years experience representing juveniles sentenced to life imprisonment as well as adults awaiting execution on death row. His book includes client stories, some memoir, and a sweeping look at the criminal justice system and prison life in the U.S.

Stevenson is a powerful storyteller, a tireless advocate, and he offers an astounding Christian witness in the work to which he has dedicated his life. I could barely put this book down.

(Stevenson is a also graduate of Eastern University and Harvard. Woop! *I went to Eastern.)

I highly recommend Just Mercy. Again, I think every American ought to read it. Please pick up a copy and share your thoughts. Stevenson provides a compelling call to action for us all.

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