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Christmas prayer

We have enjoyed following the Advent calendar this season, with the aid of readings and meditations from a guide given by a friend. Taking us through the troughs and peaks represented in the cycle of this holy season, this time has reminded of the darkness, yet the joy and anticipation inherent in the daily living of the Christian faith.

It starts with a recognition of the brokenness of this world, and the brokenness sometimes hidden in our lives. We realize that we need a Savior. We are then filled with joy in thinking of a future where every pain and heartache is extinguished, and a deep gladness and wonder as we think on God's promises embodied among us. Emmanuel. The baby Christ came to us in an utter miracle, born to humble hands to serve us all. The pages of Scripture are thick with this testimony.

In the backdrop of this particular Advent season, we have known of the protests playing out across the U.S. The streets of Port-au-Prince have also been protest-ridden. People are angry, crying out for something better than the current political gridlock and historic antipathy from those in power. 

Will you join us in prayer this Christmas? Let us pray, in this season of Light and Hope, for God's peace to be evident, binding up the brokenhearted, turning hearts towards Him, and creating a way forward where there seems to be no way, a way that bears witness to His Kingdom and Truth. Amen.

I'm including here a picture of a Christmas tree we saw in Port-au-Prince this month; a symbol of the season.

And here is a picture I took yesterday of the beach. Something about the beauty, constancy, and rhythm of the waves makes me think of the cycle of longing, anticipation, and joy we experience this season.

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