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Joys of sponsorship

Ok folks. This is something great about sponsoring a child or investing in a child's life in one way or another. Here is my latest note from Purity, a child that my friend and I started sponsoring back in 2004, and who Ted and I now continue to support. Precious! She lives in Kenya. I highlighted the parts that especially jumped out and grabbed my heart. So thankful for the known and unknown impacts of this relationship over the years.

Hello! How is you, your family and your beloved husband, Ted? For me I am fine and my family as well. I am doing my very best at school now that I've got a few months to go. Very soon I'll be sitting for my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and I'll request you to pray for me.

When I finish my high school education I want to keep my self busy by enrolling in computer lessons and after that in God's will go to the University that I've been wanting to go. There I will study my future career as an accountant. I am always grateful for all you have been doing for me, even the communication we've been having has really encouraged me a lot.

As you know I am now turning seventeen years on 15th of this month which will be my birthday and this shows how far I am going and much bigger am getting. Thank you for the support that you've always given to me and my family and I promise to put a smile on your face and show you how great and thankful I am to you in my final examination in my high school education. May God bless you and your family abundantly. Greet Ted for me and always know that we love you all. Please let me know if there is anything you'll want me to pray about. I will always pray for you.

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