Welcome to MCC Haiti.

A taste of our work

I had a good friend share the other day that she wanted to know more of what we're doing here. Fair enough! I think we are still trying to get our feet wet and figure that out ourselves, though we certainly would like to be sharing more at the same time.

On Thursday we sent out our first monthly Media Alert, which includes links to recent articles on some of our core advocacy issues areas. Our roles as Advocacy Coordinator and Policy Analyst are to work with MCC's partners to better understand and advocate for just solutions to many of these pressing policy issue areas. This will give you a good taste of what we are working on.

Please click above for the full newsletter and article links. You can "like" our MCC Haiti Advocacy page and feel free to sign up for this monthly newsletter yourself. Also, do not forget to watch Baseball in the Time of Cholera, and let us know what you think.

This one's for you, Joy! :)

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