Welcome to MCC Haiti.


I thought I'd post photos of some of our favorite winter moments from our 5 years in Philadelphia.


Perhaps our last walk in Carpenter's Wood for 2013. The air was frigid! Despite nuzzling in my scarf, we had to cut the walk short!

First snows!  This is our block first steeped in snow this year. Every tree branch and telephone wire. Gorgeous.

Our neighbor on the corner

We got free tickets to a Sixers game in December - my first pro sporting event in Philly! Of course we left after the 3rd quarter... and they ended up going into double overtime and winning! 

Ted took me to "Christmas Village" downtown to go shopping for my Christmas gift. 

The sky took my breath away this day, one of the first snows over Hunting Park. Filled with praise at His beauty.


Ted's birthday! Jan 25th, we trudged out to Frankford Hall in the snow.

Special winter date night at UNO's - our first deep dish pizza in Philly.


Hospitality -  post legal clinic dinner at our home

A dear friend's 30th birthday!


NO IMAGES AVAILABLE. We were returning from Haiti and Ted was finishing his final semester of law school. I guess we didn't take a lot of pictures then...


 First snow as a married couple! An infamous Philly winter.


The night we got engaged :)

And then there's the other kind of winter...

He goes beyond