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Living well in Orlando

In early December, Ted and I spent a few precious days in Orlando. This came in response to the longstanding invitation of our friends, the Wilcoxes, who made the move from California to Florida about five years ago. I hadn't seen them in that long! This long weekend 'getaway' was also the capstone in a series of mini-retreats that I needed in the wake of the stressers of last April.

God provided the makings for our trip (airmiles + generous invitation from friends + 2 vacation days.) We landed in Orlando on a Friday night, and the rejuvenating time began!

Not only was the time peaceful and quiet (Mike and Joan live in a beautiful, newly developed neighborhood in Orlando, with a papaya tree out back!), but we also saw many amazing sites along the way:

the annual fair at Fort Christmas, 
the town of St. Augustine 

the gorgeous sun at Cocoa Beach,

and real live manatees! 
(Note: the one I'm dancing with is obviously fake. The real ones were in the spring, pictured left.)


Intersperse this with some competitive but friendly card games, a moving church service and tour of Pioneers mission headquarters (where Mike and Joan serve), and you have a tiny glimpse of this great weekend for us.

Perhaps most meaningful for me were the times to reflect, enjoy the quiet, and to be ministered to by conversation and the Saturday evening church service we attended. As I went forward to receive communion, Mike extended the cup to me and said, "A painful love gift, given for you." Wow. In that moment, I heard the good news and it swept over me in a fresh way, as if I was hearing it for the first time. I was astounded and moved. I can see even more clearly now how the Spirit was doing an important work in my heart in that time.

Thank you, Mike and Joan!

A year in review

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