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Birthdays are GREAT! Especially when you have a moment to breathe and truly enjoy them. That happened for me on Monday. Thank you Ted Oswald and many friends for making my day so special.

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Top row, left to right: Friends at Han Dynasty for dinner; the amazing apple-raspberry pie they brought me;  beautiful stationary and candle holder I bought with giftcards from friends! Plus, amazing chocolate from my housemate Janira; church in Chestnut Hill, the neighborhood where Ted and I spent the day;
Bottom row, left to right: Valley Green Inn, a special lunch spot in the woods!; french pastries for breakfast; Bible study love on Wednesday, with games and a strawberry pie made by Wendy!; Chestnut Hill library, where Ted & I found some good reads; inside Valley Green Inn, right by the fireplace, with some mulled apple cider to boot! An amazing 19th c. spot! 

Pro Deo: 'new friendships springing up right before our eyes'

Drexel Law's spring break project