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Did you know?

Did you know how Ted has been spending his spare time for the past year?

He's written a book!  Yep -- it's a mystery novel set in Haiti, in the particular neighborhood of Bwa Nef where he worked during our semester in Haiti in 2010.

Last Monday, Drexel Law invited Ted to speak at a Working for Justice in Haiti event, in part to discuss what his law school co op looked like in Haiti, and also to share about the release of his Haiti-based novel: Because We Are!

Picture: check out the poster they made for this event -- that is Ted's book cover in the bottom left corner :)

A Drexel student wrote an article on Ted's presentation and took some a great picture of him as well.

The short but sweet article is here: Alumnus Ted Oswald

Finally, if you haven't heard about Ted's book via Facebook, watch this great two-minute video he made that explains the background and his reasons for writing the book:

Because We Are video

The book will be released in December. E-book copies will only be $3. Stay tuned!

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