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Connections are made

Sometimes amazing connections are made, and you just know that God’s fingerprints are all over it. If nothing else, it serves as a great encouragement to us that God is active is the lives of His saints.

Last week, Pete met with an attorney at a big downtown law firm; they had been connected by a personal friend. This attorney, a Christian, has a passion for turning his law work into something more than a job; he wants to treat it as his vocation. Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia, he speculates, could be just the organization to help him do that.

Having gone to school right across the river in Camden, New Jersey, this attorney has a particular interest in serving that community – one of the lowest-income and highest-crime cities in the area. Pete was so encouraged by this attorney who has a passion for getting involved in ministry and using his legal skills for the public good.

The very same week, Ted receives an e-mail via the CLCP website – another enthusiastic attorney who wants to volunteer his time to “give back” to the city. He was actively involved in leading the Christian Legal Society chapter at his law school and, with significant private practice experience under his belt he is poised and ready to jump in to serve! And get this: he is only barred in New Jersey and New York, and he has particular ties to Camden, New Jersey.

Hm! Could God be moving His attorneys to adapt the CLCP model to the city of Camden? Ted and Pete experienced some similar "wow" connections while at a lawyers lunch in Delaware County (the county just west of Philadelphia) last month. Christian attorneys we meet are getting excited about copying CLCP’s model to “do justice” in the communities in need closest to them.

And this is good!

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