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Hands-on community fun

At Saturday's Community Beautification Day, we helped pot 50 planters for as many families in the neighborhood. That was a lot of soil, flowers, peppers, and pots - and they all got used! Outside of the new Esperanza Health Center building, the S.E.A.C. coalition hosted this great event for community members. We had music, crafts for kids, healthy snacks, and these fun planters to plant. Just the right amount of families came, and I believe all the volunteers had a great time helping with the planting! :)

This little boy had a particularly good time. He took his time filling his pot - first helping his friends and then doing his own - one small hand-full at a time. He then excitedly dug into the soil to prepare to plant. As he followed my instructions on how to "loosen" the flower roots before planting, he was astonished to come upon a worm hidden in the rootsAfter telling him what I had just learned - that worm poop helps to enrich the soil - he became even more delighted and affectionately named his slinky friend "slimy."

It was so fun to be a part of coordinating this event. God provided good weather and a spirit of joy permeated the place.


S.E.A.C. is a coalition that represents our church, Spirit and Truth Fellowship, Esperanza Health Center, Ayuda Community Center, and Casa de Consejeria (House of Counseling), four Christian organizations that serve our community. S.E.A.C. received an awesome grant to work together for two years, hosting a unique community event each month.

websites for each: esperanzahealthcenter.org, ayudacc.org

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