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Time Together

What was on the menu? Chicken
marbella - a new one for me!
After legal clinic this week we opened our home once again for a "debrief" dinner for volunteers. It was fun! As I did the grocery shopping and prepared the chicken marinade on Wednesday night, I thought to myself how enjoyable this can all be.  At my worst, I'm the anxious chef calling my mom multiple times from the grocery aisle to double-check on ingredients. But when I relax and remind myself that the purpose of our clinic meals is to enjoy fellowship, learn more about each other, and reflect on the work of CLCP, then I am more free to enjoy the preparation process. A helpful reminder - it's not about me! :)

Table set for 8.
Thursday night, we had another great group: a board member Regina, the executive director Pete and his wife Wendy, two contract attorneys working on community legal education with the clinic, and a law student at Temple who was commencing her hard-earned Spring break by eating with us!

We went around the table and shared what we've been grateful for - today, or in the past week. It was neat to hear how many of the attorneys were grateful for their afternoon at the clinic that day. Many clients came, and there were enough volunteers to assist them. It seemed like God had orchestrated divine appointments all around.  Thank God for the ways He moves!

Our great group for dinner. Thanks to all who came!

Pro Deo time!

Good for the soul