Welcome to MCC Haiti.

Pro Deo time!

Tomorrow night, 6pm, marks the start of CLCP's first ever Pro Deo Conference.  One of Ted's dream projects since he was in law school, the Pro Deo Conference will be "a place for lawyers, paralegals, students and friends to gather, celebrate  and articulate answers to difficult questions. Questions like “What is my calling as a Christian in the law?”, “If Christ was a lawyer, what would his practice look like? and “How is a Christian attorney different from any other?”

The name is a play on the Latin pro bono, meaning "for the public good." What if we saw our work primarily as pro deo, for God, instead? How would that drive our sense of work and vocation differently?

Talks include, Shalom, Biblical Foundation for Justice, Biblical Peacemaking, Contemplating God at the Law Firm, Women of Faith in the Law, Corporate Social Responsibility, and A Vision for Pro Deo Lawyering. Phew! And guess who is giving that last presentation?  None other than Mr. T.A. Oswald himself! ;)

It is set to be a monumental event, but we desire your prayers! Please pray as 40+ participants gather at our church for fellowship and discussion. Pray particularly for the speakers, as they prepare to share wisdom and cast a vision for young and seasoned lawyers alike who want to utilize their gifts and skills to be salt and light in this earth.


Time Together