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Pro Deo 2012

Thanks to all of you who prayed for the 2012 Pro Deo Conference that happened last weekend (3/17 - 3/18). The Conference was hosted by Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia (CLCP), and it brought together about 30 law students, lawyers, paralegals, and even a few undergrads who were passionate about exploring their role in bringing justice in ways that reflect God's crazy love for this world.

Our church, where the
conference was held.
During the conference, an elder from our church, Barb Weidman, spoke vividly on the meaning of shalom and the depth of our world's brokenness as a result of the fall; three women from our church and one from CLCP's board shared about being women of faith in the legal profession; a young attorney spoke on how she prayerfully responds to the injustices experienced in her firm surrounding issues of race and gender; CLCP's executive director, Pete Hileman, shared about mediation and Christian peacemaking, a powerful ministry of which he is a part; Dr. Ron Sider also came and gave a talk on the Biblical meanings of justice.

From what I heard, it sounds like participants left invigorated, stimulated... and exhausted! :) Most everyone indicated on their conference evaluation forms that they would come back for a Pro Deo Conference next year - what great feedback!

On the opening day of the conference, I had the opportunity to help with many last-minute preparations, hear Barb's opening talk, and listen with anticipation to Ted's address on "a vision for pro deo lawyering!" (see links under the photos) He was filled with enthusiasm and gusto as he gave his talk, and I was so happy to see him well-received by all.

Another big event for Ted, and for CLCP! Thank you for your prayers!

Ron Sider's talk
Ted's talk
Pete's talk

You can also listen to the Women of Faith in the Law panel here.

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