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Good for the soul

There are few things so energizing as laughter and good conversation with friends.  I would also say that few things are as satisfying and enriching as cross-cultural experiences that take you out of your everyday comfortable "routine" and expand your appreciation of life...

In this past week, we had both!

First, last Saturday -  a wonderful celebration with neighbors. The "cross-cultural" aspects came in as the baby shower started two and a half hours after the start time listed on the invitation (but certainly not "late"), the conversations around us were mostly in Spanish, and the food and drinks were thoroughly Puerto Rican -  out of this world amazing!! Our friends were such gracious, wonderful hosts. They went out of their way to take such good care of all of us - constantly refilling our cups with sugary, delightful drinks. ;)

It had been awhile since Ted and I were led into that realm of unpredictability where you really have no clue what and how things are going to unfold. It's a familiar feeling though -took us right back to some nights in Haiti. I personally appreciated it. It's such a great thing to be invited into other people's lives for these precious moments. But after 4 hours of baby shower madness, we were pooped :)

The following Friday, we had the opportunity to see good friends for yet another celebration! It was a friend's birthday, and our friend B picked the perfect spot in South Philly for us to celebrate. Sitting at the back of a family-owned Italian restaurant, where all the pasta is homemade and the owners regularly come out to chat with you, our group of six enjoyed delicious food and laughed (almost to tears) until we closed the place down. Even though it was well past 11pm, the owners never would have kicked us out!  You could tell that they loved the fact that we were enjoying their place.

Time Together

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