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I wanted to take a moment to share of an opportunity God has provided and one reason I am rejoicing. In our recent prayer letter, I wrote of my desire to understand better what the ministry of reconciliation means in my own life and this world. As I was starting to recognize this desire, Ted stumbled upon Duke's Center for Reconciliation, and a program they offer in May called the Summer Institute. The Center is run out of Duke's Divinity School and is co-directed by Chris Rice and Emmanuel Katongole. The Institute's purpose and tagline - the Ministry of Reconciliation in a Divided World - was enough to get me really excited.  

A few weeks ago, I applied to the Institute, and I found out last Tuesday that I got in! May 28 - June 2, this is where I'll be and what I'll be doing. Every afternoon, I'll participate in the seminar Building Beloved Communities of Justice and Advocacy with "the Poor." Please continue to pray as this opportunity draws near for me.

Duke Divinity School's Chapel -where morning sessions are held
at the Summer Institute

Pro Deo 2012

Pro Deo time!