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Hope @ Joy in the City

Ted shared a story with me last night that I loved hearing.  Recently one morning, while at his office (see CLCP), he had a few visitors from the neighborhood. A loving leader in our community, Adela, brought in one young woman and her mother to seek legal advice.  Though several hours before the official start of "clinic time" (4-7pm every other Thursday), they found someone to talk to in Ted.

I don't know the details of the young woman's case (as rules of confidentiality require), but I do know that she had burdens overwhelming her, and the tears flowed freely as she broke down and shared her story for Ted.   The legal issues were entangled and complex (as is frequently the case in difficult situations), but what this woman clearly needed as much as legal advice was hope and help to withstand the current trials she faces. 

So Ted shared Truth with her: truth of God's love and His ability to redeem all situations; the truth of His strength and His power to sustain us and overcome the troubles we face - not necessarily by taking them away, but by walking with us through them, if we believe and acknowledge Him.   They prayed together, and Adela ended the time in song, holding the crying client and kissing her forehead, communicating that God is Love, and He cares for us.

God is a Comforter. Amen!
Mural at the entrance to Ted's
office building, Joy in the City.

Good for the soul