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What a joy

On Sunday, Ted and I had the opportunity to attend an Indonesian Mennonite Church in South Philly. An old professor of mine and his family are members there.  It was a joy to be there, to experience worship in Indonesian and meet friendly, welcoming brothers and sisters in Christ.

The highlight for me may have been belting out "O come let us adore him," but in Indonesian. (I've been looking for the translation online.)  Just a few days earlier, Ted and I had watched the 2006 film, The Nativity Story. In the Christmas story, I am always so moved by the peculiarity of the wise men traveling from the East, across deserts, to follow Christ's sign. It is so bizarre, so completely wonderful, that I am amazed once again to think how all peoples from across the world are called to turn towards Christ, to embrace and worship Him.

Worshiping in a different language on Sunday recalled that amazement in me, the idea of us all being foreigners who are called towards the King of Kings, who was just a small child, for us.

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