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Fellowship @ Temple

Ted has had some wonderful opportunities this fall through his involvement with CLCP. In early November, the Temple Law chapter of CLS invited him to be their lunchtime guest speaker, to share about his ministry and calling to North Philly. Temple’s CLS has had a great volunteer relationship with CLCP for the past three years, through sending students to assist during clinic days in the North Philly site. This lunch was a great opportunity to get to know their group better (and for me to meet many new faces.)

Ted’s central question for his talk – “what kind of lawyer would Jesus be?” paved the way for some personal reflection and good discussion at a later point. To me, Ted's words revealed that, if we are to go beyond the quirky answer offered by one attorney at the CLS conference, “Jesus would not have been a lawyer!” and dig into the implications of the question,“what would Jesus do?” for the legal profession, there is much rich territory to explore.

Ted’s reflections centered on some of the same thoughts he expressed in his support letter on what a legal missionary would be:

Someone who… is committed to a place… directs others to a relationship with Christ; his work and life would be spent in pursuit of justice, peace and reconciliation while calling all people to love, compassion and simplicity; he would disciple others and equip them to continue building God’s Kingdom.

Bottom line… his work would be a ministry.

It was so great to be received by the Temple students. We left invigorated by our time and the people we met there!

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