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Dinners, Part 2

Now it's time for me to share about a more planned, structured dinnertime, that did happen as we hoped. As mentioned earlier, CLCP has had a great relationship with Christian law students at Temple, who come to assist on most clinic days. As a way of fostering relationships among Christian law students and lawyers, and to express CLCP's appreciation for their work, we invited all students and a handful of volunteer attorneys to our home one night after clinic.  (We live just a few blocks away...)

We sent out the Evite, set the table, and planned a fun meal. In the end, 7 of us gathered around our dining table. Tortilla soup, cornbread, and salad were on the menu, but the memorable parts of the evening were the conversations shared among us.  One law student came and inspired us all with his new-found PASSION for Christ and his overflowing love for the Lord.  Two recently barred attorneys joined Ted and Pete in a reflective conversation on Ted's ongoing question of, "what would Jesus look like as an attorney?" Ted envisions a "scrappy" street lawyer, one who addresses the needs of the poor, yet ministers to the entire person, one who listens and treats clients with compassion and love. He himself would be "poor," and would not seek to climb social/professional ladders...

One of the young attorneys responded with, "Ted, it sounds like what you are describing is a legal missionary."  Ah ha.  I thought this was an interesting distinction to make, but it still raises some questions for me.   I felt like many light bulbs went on that evening, and a lot of "amens" were thought and spoken.   Fellowship happened.  I was so thankful for this!

Dinners, the Finale

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