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Sharing Hope through Justice

Zanmi Timoun provides incarcerated children with a lawyer and pays the court fees children’s families are unable to pay. With legal representation, most children finally receive a hearing with a judge and are often released soon afterwards.

Setting Captives Free: Legal Ministry in Haiti

In mid-2015, Amizial Rene was arrested on the basis of a friend’s accusation. It happened unexpectedly. For seven years, Amizial, a long-time resident of Port-au-Prince, sold cooking charcoal from a roadside perch beside his friend. One day, the other seller had 19 sacks of charcoal stolen and assumed Amizial was the culprit. He went to the police, made his accusation, and Amizial was swiftly arrested and placed in a prison to await trial (...)

The Harsh Law v. Christ: Haitian Criminal Justice Up-Close

When setting foot into the Palais de Justice in Les Cayes, Haiti, I am greeted by bold words Nicholas Nickleby might have copied from the walls of Dotheboys Hall: Dura Lex, Sed Lex, the law is harsh but it is the law. On its own, not the most surprising maxim to find in a courtroom. What makes me stare is that beneath it is a crucifix...