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Supporting children's rights in Haiti

Rèstavèk children are typically children who are sent by their parents to work as domestic servants because their parents lack the resources to support them.

MCC is working with partner TIMKATEC to provide primary and professional education, food and lodging and psycho-social support for vulnerable children.

Video: Playing soccer for peace in Cité Soleil

Cité Soleil, a community in Port-au-Prince, is stigmatized by others in Haiti and the rest of the world as an area of extreme violence and competing gangs.

MCC partner SAKALA (Sant Kominote Altènatif Ak Lapè (SAKALA), The Community Center for Peaceful Alternatives) has developed a peace education tool that the youth are thrilled about—soccer.

Working towards a livable Haiti

Janvier is a member of Comite Artisanal Haïtien (CAH), an MCC partner that supports artisans by assisting them with promotion and market access. MCC hopes to provide alternatives to uprooting people and separating families by supporting sustainable livelihoods for people in their home countries, so people like Janvier can remain in Haiti and invest in their home communities. 

Video: One Road, Two Outcomes

In early October of 2016 Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti. Through working with partners MCC Haiti was able to respond to areas that needed relief most, which are not always the areas the media focuses on, in ways that continue to be beneficial. Watch Paul and Rebecca Shetler Fast talk about MCC's disaster response and the difference local partners make. 

A Push For Safer Housing

The driving force behind one of MCC’s newest efforts to help Haitians build back better after a devastating 2010 earthquake is an eclectic crew — young men in striped tights, pink pants, shirts bright enough to stand out even against the colorful “tap-tap” minibuses that carry people and goods through the streets of Port-au-Prince.