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6 Mental Health Stories for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. To mark the occasion, we’re collecting all the stories and resources we’ve created on the subject of mental health. In Haiti, we collaborate primarily with our partners Zanmi Lasante and SOFA, supporting them as they provide quality mental health care to some Haiti’s most vulnerable people. We believe any effective global health strategy must include mental health care for all!

Building a City of Peace

Faced with a vulnerable, transient population and a weak and inefficient justice system, JUPED, with MCC support, launched a community-based restorative justice platform called Ti Platfòm Lapè, (Little Platforms of Peace) in 2017. The peace platforms are composed of pastors, teachers, market women, and other community members who have been trained in mediation skills and who meet every fifteen days to hear and resolve cases of conflict and violence in the community.

UN Student Seminar: Lessons Learned From Haiti and MCC

Isaac Halas was one of forty-two students that attended the MCC UN Office's student seminar from October 13-15, 2016. This year's seminar explored themes of the UN's involvement in Haiti over the past 15 years. MCC Haiti advocacy staff, Ted and Katharine Oswald, helped lead the seminar by offering presentations on Haiti's history, the international community's response to Haiti's 2010 earthquake, and current social and political issues. Isaac is the winner of a blog contest where students were asked to reflect on their experiences at this year's seminar.

Haiti Is Courageous

The term courageous reverberated in my mind throughout our learning tour. It permeated each and every encounter. Even if only in small doses, it was ever-present. Our time in Port-au-Prince commenced with a presentation led by Nixon Boumba, who delved into the historical background of the region. Boumba began by imparting his knowledge of Haiti’s past...

Haiti Is Passionate

Haiti and the Dominican Republic (D.R.) are facing a migration crisis. For much of their history, tensions have been high between the two nations, most recently due to D.R. policies that discriminate against Dominicans of Haitian descent and Haitian migrants.

Haiti Is Vibrant

I found it hard to focus on just one thing when driving down the street in Port-au-Prince or walking along a dirt road in Haiti's countryside. At every glance, there is something to see: market women selling everything from mangoes to shoes, bustling traffic, colourful buildings and public transport, flamboyant trees, farmers tending their plots, and the ever-present goats. 

Haiti Is Verdant

The international press diffuses a single narrative of Haiti - one of political instability, malnutrition, disease and devastation. "The poorest country in the Western hemisphere" - this is how Haiti is too often described, ignoring the many layers that comprise Haitian culture and customs and make Haiti one of the most fascinating yet least understood countries in the region.