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Nap li! Summer reading recommendations

Nap li! Summer reading recommendations

Road trips, vacations, breezy afternoons on the porch with a glass of ji sitwon (lemonade) as a thunderstorm rumbles in the distance: summer is a perfect time for reading. Here are a few reading materials I’ve enjoyed recently.

1-If you love short stories:

Krik? Krak!
By Edwidge Danticat

Danticat illuminates Haitian historical and contemporary issues through brilliant storytelling and unforgettable characters. I love her writing because she creates worlds and people that feel true to common human experience, while also shedding light on so many subtleties of Haitian culture and history.

2- If you like snappy political insights, but you rarely make it through an entire book:

“What They Knew, and When They Knew It” by Jonathan Katz

Katz, a seasoned Haiti journalist and author, untangles into the intricate connections between the United Nations, Haiti’s cholera epidemic, and U.S. foreign policy today. A fascinating read that investigates the latest chapter of the storied relationship between Haiti and the U.S.

3- If you like classics:

Masters of the Dew
By Jacques Roumain

This classic Haitian novel, published in 1941 yet still resonant today, is a poetic portrait of the rhythms of daily life in rural Haiti. Roumain’s novel depicts a cast of characters whose hopes, motivations, and tragedies are both relateable, and inspiring. Fun fact: famous Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes helped translate the novel into English.

4- If you’re a podcast junkie (or a revolutionary):

Revolutions Podcast, Season 4: Haiti

Full disclosure: I haven’t made it through all 19 segments yet, but I’m hooked after a few episodes! Revolutions brings Haiti’s fascinating revolutionary period vividly to life and makes the case that Haiti’s revolution is just as important as the more well-known American and French revolutions.

What are you reading this summer? If you add any of these to your summer reading list, let me know what you think!

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Madeline Kreider Carlson discovered a passion for global craft traditions as a child, while tagging along on volunteer shifts at Ten Thousand Villages. Hailing from Minnesota, she has worked with artisans and fair trade businesses across four continents. Madeline works as a Designer & Product Developer with MCC partner Comite Artisanal Haitien. You can follow Madeline on her personal blog.



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