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SALT Reflection: 5 Things I’ve learned from my SALT experience in Haiti so far…

SALT Reflection: 5 Things I’ve learned from my SALT experience in Haiti so far…


I’ve been in Haiti for 4 months now, and it amazes me how much I have already learned about the culture, the people, and how much better I’ve gotten to know myself in the process. 

1.  Hold on to Hope

Haiti has taught me that hope is the biggest thing you can hold on to. It’s been a hard year for Haiti, with tough elections, a devastating Hurricane, and many other challenges for Haitians; I see the hope and strength in Haitians every day. Haiti is a strong country that will keep getting up even when everyone thinks it won’t. 

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2. Trust God

Hurricane Matthew was a reminder to everyone in Haiti that things aren’t in our hands. Moving to a different country is hard. It’s here where all these little ‘hurricanes’ start showing up and mess around with your character, your beliefs, your habits. Giving God power over these things has given Him permission to shape me into someone wise, strong, patient, kind and forgiving.

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3. Conquer your fears

I wouldn’t easily admit to anyone my slight fear of water, but living on an Island in the Caribbean has changed many things. I know now what it’s like to go snorkeling in the blue ocean. I am also conquering my other fears day by day, the fear of being lonely, a fear of crowds, of change, and most importantly, the fear of the unknown.

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4. See life in color

When I first came to Haiti, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and I still don’t have everything figured out but the beautiful colorful buildings, rooms and Haitian art has made me realize that my true interest is in design, photography and videography. 

5. Find moments of laughter

Lastly, I’ve learned that everyone laughs in the same language. Sometimes jokes and words are lost in translations, but the final laugh never is. A great laugh with someone is the best memory to take home.

Lifesaving latrines

Lifesaving latrines

Creating Opportunity through Peanut Planting in Kabay

Creating Opportunity through Peanut Planting in Kabay