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Where Do We Go... For A Little Respite?

Where Do We Go... For A Little Respite?

Well, you might not guess that through a maze of dusty streets, just about a 5 minute drive from our place, there is a little hideout and beautiful boutique called the Apparent Project, home also to delicious smoothies and iced latte drinks at the Clay Cafe (double back flip, whoop!)

I realized yesterday, as I made a much celebrated drive to the Apparent Project for a nice cold beverage, that in our slew of posts since moving to Haiti we have not shared much that is tangible about our life here; there has not been much for you to hold on to in the way of images or vignettes about our daily living; our neighborhood, work space, home. It is my goal this week to write a few posts sharing such things with you.

First stop, our neighborhood treat that is a must-see for visitors - the Apparent Project - with some visual aids provided by my Windows phone.

Down a main road near our house, we veer to the right towards our destination. The streets on a Saturday are mercifully not very crowded....

Mounds of shifting gravel - each week in a slightly different formation - create obstacle courses along the way, as the roads get ever closer to actually being paved.

Our destination is tucked into this quiet neighborhood. (Don't worry, I was at a full stop while snapping most of these photos.)

Finally, at an unassuming barrier like the ones you see above, you rap at the gate and descend into this:

The Apparent Project is a non-profit shop, a Christian ministry that was started to train and provide jobs, mostly for vulnerable women. Tours are available all day long, and they keep trusty opening hours; 9-4, Mon-Sat.

Though these handicrafts are not cheap, every dollar of profit goes to support the livelihoods of the artists themselves. Filled with beautiful jewelry, linens, and pottery you can see how this spot is a treat for the eyes, and a pleasure to peruse.

Haiti's famous metal ironwork craft is presented here in lovely Scripture passages and floral designs.

The Clay Cafe, situated near the back of the Apparent Project, offers a little book nook for sitting and reading!

This is the Apparent Project. There are many rooms, not pictured above. It's a neighborhood gem, and has provided us with many a fun outing.

This was re-posted from Katharine & Ted's personal blog, Stories to Tell.

Katharine is from San Diego, California and has served with MCC Haiti since July 2014 as Advocacy Coordinator and Policy Analyst. She studied History and Religious Studies at University of California Davis, then International Development at Eastern University. You can follow her Instagram on life in Haiti @katharineoswald, Haiti advocacy news on Facebook, and her personal blog, Stories to Tell.

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