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January 2-4, we made our first visit to Jacmel, one of Haiti's most famous cities - known for its culture & art, history, and its annual Carnaval celebration.

We stayed at the picturesque Cyvadier Hotel, with a dining and pool area that overlooks a cove. The soundtrack of crashing waves keeps you company all day and night. It's beautiful!

While I am tempted to overwhelm you with pictures of this gorgeous town, full of street art and galleries, I will control myself, and just share a few gems that will hopefully have you thinking about the next American and Delta flights to Haiti!

Old buildings still showing their color in downtown Jacmel. Screaming for new paint but still speaking loudly of their history.

Jacmel was a major coffee export starting in the 1770s, until Port-au-Prince became the preferred port under the U.S. occupation in the early 20th century.

Street and boardwalk art... love it!

The ooolld market. Filled with thousands of sellers and buyers on market days.

A view of Jacmel from the mountainside on our way to the famous Basin Bleu for a hike and swim.

To see my many Instagrams from Jacmel, go here.

And finally, the view from our dining area, each morning and evening. Not bad, right?!

The beach, delicious food, and the many artistic treasures of downtown Jacmel made us excited for a return trip. It's just two and a half hours from Port-au-Prince. While the windy and mountainous drive may have you reaching for your Dramamine, the destination is clearly every bit worth the journey. :)

This was re-posted from Katharine & Ted's personal blog, Stories to Tell.

Katharine is from San Diego, California and has served with MCC Haiti since July 2014 as Advocacy Coordinator and Policy Analyst. She studied History and Religious Studies at University of California Davis, then International Development at Eastern University. You can follow her Instagram on life in Haiti @katharineoswald, Haiti advocacy news on Facebook, and her personal blog, Stories to Tell.

"Haitians Love Life"

"Haitians Love Life"

Along for the ride

Along for the ride