Hurricane Irma: Wading through the aftermath

Hurricane Irma passed north of Haiti on the evening of September 7th, bringing with it strong winds and rains to the northern half of the country.  MCC Haiti Representative Paul Shetler Fast and MCC team members traveled to the region on the September 8th to assess the situation. 

Serving Through the Generations

In their role as MCC Representatives in Haiti, Paul and Rebecca Shetler Fast visit projects, individuals, and community groups. Recently Paul was talking with the head of Haiti’s largest health care system and asked where he got his start in medicine. The man credited an MCC clinic in Grande-Rivière-du-Nord…the very clinic that Paul’s grandfather, Dr. John Bender, founded 57 years ago.

Haiti is filled with the spirit

The international press often diffuses a single narrative of Haiti - one of political instability, malnutrition, disease and devastation. "The poorest country in the Western hemisphere" - this is how Haiti is too often described, ignoring the many layers that comprise Haitian culture and customs that make Haiti one of the most fascinating, yet least understood countries in the region.

Join our team!

We are looking for 2 passionate and talented new staff to fill positions currently open with MCC Haiti. Do you know someone who would be a good match? Apply, share, shoulder tap, and help us find great new people to join our team in Haiti! 

Video: One Road, Two Outcomes

In early October of 2016 Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti. Through working with partners MCC Haiti was able to respond to areas that needed relief most, which are not always the areas the media focuses on, in ways that continue to be beneficial. Watch Paul and Rebecca Shetler Fast talk about MCC's disaster response and the difference local partners make. 

Spring Reading Recommendations

No matter where you live, the cooler months are a great time to curl up with a memorable book. Even in Haiti, the temperature drops, and you can enjoy a refreshing breeze while lounging in your yard and sipping tea! Here are our "picks" for some great Haiti reading!