About MCC Haiti

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), a worldwide ministry of Anabaptist churches shares God’s love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. MCC envisions communities worldwide in right relationship with God, one another and creation. MCC is a non-profit relief, development, and peace organization rooted in the global Anabaptist church.

MCC in Haiti has been working alongside Haitian partners since 1958 to improve the lives of some of the country's most vulnerable people. MCC's work in Haiti has included projects in disaster relief, health care delivery and public health, education, human rights, income generation, reforestation and environmental protection, housing, sustainable agriculture, trauma recovery and peacebuilding. To learn more about the types of projects and programs MCC Haiti is involved with today, read more about our work. To follow along with news, reflections and updates about MCC Haiti and from our team, visit our blog. Sign up for regular blog updates to follow our work. To see the many ways that you can connect with and support our work, check out our get involved page


Our team in Haiti:

Administration and support staff

Eclane Metelus
~Since August 1990~

"MCC is a Christian organization full of wisdom and love."

Fania Bonas
~Since April 2014~

"MCC works in God's name to improve living conditions for my Haitian brothers and sisters. They have given me opportunities to continue with my studies and meet new people."

Herve Alcinna
Logistics support
~Since August 2008~

 "MCC respects the rights of all people. They are principled, and they love encouraging people to progress."

Joseph Saingelus
~Since October 1997~

"As a Christian, I enjoy working with MCC to help meet its mission of improving the lives of the most vulnerable."


Judith Petit-Frere Charles
Senior Manager
~Since March 2018~

“I love working where we can work together, where one respects each other. Where there are good relationships with people. I love working at MCC because it's unparalleled. While helping those who are most disadvantaged, they will help them reconcile with God.”


Malin Yem
Finance Assistant, YAMEN
~Since August 2018~

“MCC is one of the NGO that I always appreciate, I like the way that MCC working to promote peace, justice and share God's love by join hand to help the world and invested with youths to step out to the world to do this amazing works. I am so proud of what MCC doing.”

Rebecca Shetler Fast
Country representative
~Since October 2015~

"Relationships are at the core of how MCC works, this creates the opportunity for more meaningful and lasting change-- it is an honor to be a part of this work."


Technical & Project Oversight


Alexis Kreiner
Assistant Country Representative
~Since August 2017~

"What I love about working with MCC in Haiti is the way we are able to come alongside partners doing incredible work in their communities. Seeing the passion our partners have for their work is inspiring, and I am thankful for the opportunity to support them!"

Muriel Chaperon
Peace & program manager
~Since August 2015~

 "What pleases me the most about MCC is the way it marries spirituality with the work of development and combating injustice - they aim to do development with the love of Christ."


Naomi Docilait
Advisor for Monitoring, Evaluation & Partner Capacity Building
~Since August 2018~

"I like how MCC works with the local community."

Paul Shetler Fast
Global Health Coordinator
~Since October 2015~

"I believe in MCC because of its unique people-centered approach to relief and development."

Raquel Conde Guevara
Planning, monitoring and reporting coordinator
~Since May 2014~

"For me, in working for MCC, not only are there unexpected surprises, but I also get the chance to meet people who are committed to helping others and as a result I learn something new everyday, about myself and about serving others."


Food Security & Sustainable Livelihoods

Jean Remy Azor
Agroforestry coordinator
~Since February 1982~

"I always wanted to work in reforestation and development, but with MCC I found an organization that shared my passion for the relational aspect of community development, for valuing each individual, and building peace through our work." 

Estilus Fritzner
Environmental educator
~Since August 2008~

"I love MCC because it values people. It is a Christian organization that builds my faith, that helps people in need, especially those in poverty. It tries to correct injustice and reconcile people to each other and to nature."

Eniel Charles
Agroforestry technician
~Since October 2015~

"It has been my dream to work for MCC since I was little -- to help people, the poorest members of our community, improve their lives. When I was a child, MCC provided the first tree planted at my house, I will never forget that."

Isaac Marie Denise
Agroforestry technician
~Since March 2009~

"MCC improves peoples' lives, and the lives of their children. I want to be part of that, to work in reforestation to help transform our communities."

Wisland Formonvil
Agroforestry technician
~Since October 2014~

"MCC as an organization works to share everything it learns. It is working to rebuild Haiti and build a better future for our children."

Paulisme Francklin
Agroforestry technician
~Since November 2000~

"I believe in MCC because it is a Christian institution that wants to build peace, work against violence, and for reconciliation in our communities. It has a vision to reconcile people with each other, nature, and God."

Pierre Louis Meleck
Agroforestry administrator
~Since May 2007~

"MCC gives me the opportunity to keep learning and growing. I love the chance help MCC run even better so that it can do more great work in our communities."


Elisamar Michelet Agroforestry technician
~Since February 2000~

"I like MCCs vision: Helping people to develop community, encouraging and aiding people to live peaceful lives, helping people to strengthen their connections with each other, improving their personal development."

Horacius Nahomie
Environmental educator
~Since September 2005~

"I work for MCC because I believe we can change our tomorrow. I work with young people because I believe together we can improve the situation in our communities."

Adelin Sainrilus
Environmental educator
~Since February 2015~

"I believe in MCC because I want to advance our communities, to improve peoples' lives, and to reinforce the ability of young people to support themselves."

Communications & Advocacy


Annalee Giesbrecht
Communications & Advocacy Coordinator
~Since August 2017~

"I love visiting projects and talking with people all around Haiti."


Elizabeth Peters
Communications Assistant, SALT
~Since August 2018~

“There’s a higher level of care that goes into working with partners and projects than I have experienced before."