Hurricane Matthew, One Year Later

One year ago, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, bringing devastating wind, rain, and storm surges to communities where day-to-day life was already precarious. MCC Haiti responded in the first 48 hours, and then, in the weeks and months that followed, implemented food security and health projects to address the long-term effects of the storm. One year later, we're revisiting some of these stories.

SALT Reflection: Making coffee in the countryside

Annalee Giesbrecht is a one-year SALT (Serving and Learning Together) staff member who joins the MCC Haiti team as a communications assistant.

During the three weeks I spent in orientation in Desarmes, I learned many things: how to ride a mule up a mountain (hold on tight), how to get on a moto taxi (not from the side with burning hot exhaust pipe), how to wait out a hurricane (with friends).

Serving Through the Generations

In their role as MCC Representatives in Haiti, Paul and Rebecca Shetler Fast visit projects, individuals, and community groups. Recently Paul was talking with the head of Haiti’s largest health care system and asked where he got his start in medicine. The man credited an MCC clinic in Grande-Rivière-du-Nord…the very clinic that Paul’s grandfather, Dr. John Bender, founded 57 years ago.

Haiti is filled with the spirit

The international press often diffuses a single narrative of Haiti - one of political instability, malnutrition, disease and devastation. "The poorest country in the Western hemisphere" - this is how Haiti is too often described, ignoring the many layers that comprise Haitian culture and customs that make Haiti one of the most fascinating, yet least understood countries in the region.

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Video: One Road, Two Outcomes

In early October of 2016 Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti. Through working with partners MCC Haiti was able to respond to areas that needed relief most, which are not always the areas the media focuses on, in ways that continue to be beneficial. Watch Paul and Rebecca Shetler Fast talk about MCC's disaster response and the difference local partners make.