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Haiti is Resilient

The international press diffuses a single narrative of Haiti - one of political instability, malnutrition, disease and devastation. "The poorest country in the Western hemisphere" - this is how Haiti is too often described, ignoring the many layers that comprise Haitian culture and customs that make Haiti one of the most fascinating, yet least understood countries in the region.


One year ago this Thanksgiving, I had never stepped foot in Haiti or walked its mountains. I had never believed such a small place could be so beautiful. I had never seen houses flattened by a storm, or seen a place I love put forward as a definition of hopelessness. Never imagined we would be so welcomed. Never been so impressed by resilience and hope in the face of long odds.

Joseph: a Story of Dedication and Strength

The MCC Haiti blog will periodically feature a staff highlight in its Face-to-Face series. Joseph Saingelus -an MCC team member of 19 years - launches the series by telling of his journey from hardship and scarcity to finding kindness and opportunities among friends and MCC staff in Haiti. Meet Joseph: 

Day Breaks in Dezam

Mornings in Haiti are my favourite time of the day, because unlike the quiet suburban Canadian town I grew up in they are so vibrant, colourful, and alive.  And even after two years of living here, I am often filled with wonder with how different the smells, sights, and sounds are from where I call  home, and how it is that I ended up living in this town which seems to me like something out of a storybook.

Republic of NGOs

In late June, Mennonite Central Committee U.S Staff and Board Members visited Haiti to learn about MCC Haiti's work, and to conduct board meetings. During this time they got a taste of Haitian food, culture, and MCC's past and current projects. Ron Byler, Executive Director of MCC U.S reflects on his recent experience in Haiti.

Reflections on Our First Konbit

It starts with a drum and ends with rum, but it’s what happens in between that makes konbit the cultural institution that’s helped the Haitian peasantry survive for centuries against all odds. Konbit, the Haitian Kreyòl word used for just about any collective effort, usually refers to the equivalent of a Haitian barn-raising. It’s a work exchange, when a community member calls upon his or her neighbors to join a work party to help clear, plant, weed or harvest their fields.